This category includes other products that we produce in our company. The largest subcategory is fences and balconies. We have 3 types of fabrics to choose from: mesh 270gr / m2 / hdpe 280gr / m2 or decor 200gr / m2. In addition, this section includes: deckchairs and garden tablecloths with advertising graphics and toys for children, hammocks, cocoons and TIPI tents. You order with a few clicks and we take care of the rest of the process so that you can receive the finished product after a few days.


Explore the realm of possibilities with our eclectic collection of "OTHERS" at www.shade4you.eu. This category brings together a curated assortment of unique and innovative outdoor solutions that go beyond conventional classifications, offering a diverse range of products to enhance your outdoor living experience.

From exclusive accessories and decorative elements to unconventional shading solutions, our "OTHERS" category invites you to discover hidden gems that add personality and functionality to your outdoor spaces. These carefully selected items are designed to complement various styles and preferences, providing you with versatile options to express your individuality.

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds, and outdoor living becomes a canvas for your personal touch. Our "OTHERS" category is a showcase of the extraordinary, inviting you to explore and experiment with distinctive products that transcend traditional categorizations.

Visit www.shade4you.eu to unveil the unexpected and redefine your outdoor lifestyle with the unexpected treasures found in our "OTHERS" category. Embrace the unconventional, and let your outdoor spaces reflect your unique vision and style.

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